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Dedicated to The Teachings of The Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K. Patthabi Jois and his grandson R.sharath Jois.


Alexis MitchellAlexis Mitchell

Yoga has helped me to live in the present and appreciate my body for all that it is. I look forward to it all week and I am so thankful I can get on the mat to nourish my soul and mind with the great experience that is yoga.Best,

Celine Lheritier - MemberCeline Lheritier - Member
"I like to come to Yoga Om to practice Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini because all those practices help me to control my body and my mind. This is not a gym studio that happens to offer yoga class. It’s really a place where yoga is meaningful. And the fun part is that along the way you can also discover that you have muscles too YOGA OM studio is my happy place."  
Kimberly Clincy - MemberKimberly Clincy - Member
My  experience at the time "In Kundalini, I felt that I was withdrawing more internally and the awareness of my surroundings had decreased.  The focus on my breath had increased and I was surrounded by heat, especially around my head.  After class, I felt calmer and everything looked 'brighter'. "
Kimberly CKimberly C
When I first decided to take yoga, I was unsure of where to go as a beginner.  I am lucky to have found Yoga Om as my first experience.  The atmosphere is welcoming and calming.  Joy is a wonderful teacher.  She is very patient with the students and instinctively knows how to motivate everyone to enhance their individual practice.  I appreciate the benefits I have received from yoga both physically and mentally.  Since taking classes at Yoga Om, I have been inspired to make yoga a part of my life.
Pat WPat W
My name is Pat I am a 70 year old female that started yoga a year ago at Yoga OM.I never did yoga in my life before I came to the Yoga OM studio.  Joy personally helped me learn and encouraged me.Today I feel like I am 60 years old and have more flexibility than I have had in years.I am sure I am the oldest student in the class but everyone encourages me and makes me feel welcome.I would not stop yoga for anything, this studio has changed my life.
James HJames H
"I've had two massages at the Yoga Om and Loved both of them"
Valerie SValerie S
“The Classes are very energizing and relaxing in the same time. The instructor is patient and accommodating”
Summer retreat at the yoga om and with my daughter is a red carpet treat.
The space that Joy created and her energy during teaching just a living proof of the service offering at the yoga om. Thank you
James SJames S
I Love that Yoga Om is new and has classes 7 days a week.
Zach OlesonZach Oleson
“Always a wonderful experience and such a great place to challenge one's practice. Joy is such an awesome instructor and has so much knowledge to share. If you're thinking about starting yoga, or have been at it for some time, Yoga Om is the way is the way to go!”
Kelly R.Kelly R.
“Very nice studio, Joy is extremely welcoming to new students.”
Diana MDiana M
“I absolutely loved this studio! Joy is an amazing teacher and I truly enjoyed being in her class.”
Dan M.Dan M.
“Large peaceful space. Very good yoga instructor!”
Most Yoga HereThe most authentic yoga studio found in Charlotte, I highly recommend it "peaceful"!
Eva H.Eva H.
My husband and I went to Joy's class when visiting our daughter. First impressions are lasting. Joy is great! I only hope to find an instructor like her in our hometown.
Competitive gymnasticCompetitive gymnastic
I love it! The heated classes for athlete my muscles like it .Thank you Joy & Nina
Yoga OM Member since 02/2015Yoga OM Member since 02/2015
I thought if I accomplished 5 yoga classes I’m done, but I kept returning to Joy! I believe I found my yoga teacher.
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