Practice Guideline

Do not eat before practice!

We recommend that you leave at least four hours between eating a meal and practicing yoga. Ideally your digestive system should be as empty as possible – also morning practice is best after going to the bathroom. Do not drink water during practice, but wait until after you have rested.

We suggest that you do not practice yoga during the 2-3 heaviest days of menstruation. Irregularities in your menstrual cycle such as prolonged periods may result from practice at this time.

Please inform us if you have any injuries, health problems or if you become pregnant, so we can adjust your practice accordingly. In general, if you become sick or have injured yourself, you will feel better and heal quicker if you practice.

A shower before practice helps to increase flexibility and mental focus. It is also makes the experience for your teachers and others practicing around you more pleasant! Please wear clean yoga clothes, wash your mat regularly and do not wear perfume or cologne as these can cause allergic reactions for others.

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Namaste & Happy Holidays 

Nov. 19 - 24th YO NYC Workshop (No Shala Classes Offered)
Nov. 25th Alzheimer Led Event  (No Shala Classes Offered)
Nov. 26th Moon Day - We are closed
Nov. 27th -30th Thanksgiving Holiday School is closed. 
Dec. 2nd 1st day back to shala see class updates on schedule 

Register, Pre-pay online or cash only & Book Your Session Before You Come.

Class Schedule 2019 :
Monday – Thursday
Mysore 5:30 AM

Led Class Friday 5:00 am 

Kids Yoga 12:00 PM
Flexible Courses Offered on Saturday 
Moon Days We Are Closed

Shala Fees
Monthly Auto Membership $240
First Month for Beginners $175
One Week for visitors $90

Note: Tuition is by monthly membership only - one week rate is only for visiting students from out of town with an established Ashtanga practice.
Bodywork (Thai Therapy, Abhyanga(Essential Oil), Cupping or Ashitsu) book on the website - For more inquiries please email :

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