The Process Of Death

The Process

The body is born; it grows, ages, and dies. The seer witnesses this process continuously…
” Inhale come back to this body… Find your gratitude for the way you’re wearing this body today.” ~ Joy McLeod

The rented body & the process of death :
The process in which the body’s systems shut down and prepare for death. It is difficult to estimate how long the dying process will take. Though the actual moment of death is often very peaceful.
– Nutrition and Elimination: gradual withdrawing or may refuse to eat or drink
– Circulation: slow and  pulse grow weaker.
– Agitation: A sign of pain but of discomfort.
– Anxiety and Depression
– Prana (Breathing) 30/minute at times maybe mixed and no, breathing may last 15 sec and may be come shallower. The last prana in peace.
– Responsiveness: The mind alterations
– At the time of the death & the Indriyas (organs of perception) which include eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and the mind.

Through the practice of yoga we keep the body clean and healthy so it lasts a long time, and at the same time we refine our awareness so we realize that what dies is the outer covering. The skillful means on this topic will be available at the yoga om with Joy in a workshop.
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