Alexis Mitchell

Yoga has helped me to live in the present and appreciate my body for all that it is. I look forward to it all week and I am so thankful I can get on the mat to nourish my soul and mind with the great experience that is yoga.

Celine Lheritier – Member

“I like to come to OM yoga to practice Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini because all those practices help me to control my body and my mind. This is not a gym studio that happens to offer yoga class. It’s really a place where yoga is meaningful. And the fun part is that along the way you can also discover that you have muscles too J OM studio is my happy place.”



Kimberly Clincy – Member

My  experience at the time “In Kundalini, I felt that I was withdrawing more internally and the awareness of my surroundings had decreased.  The focus on my breath had increased and I was surrounded by heat, especially around my head.  After class, I felt calmer and everything looked ‘brighter’. “

Kimberly C

When I first decided to take yoga, I was unsure of where to go as a beginner.  I am lucky to have found Yoga Om as my first experience.  The atmosphere is welcoming and calming.  Joy is a wonderful teacher.  She is very patient with the students and instinctively knows how to motivate everyone to enhance their individual practice.  I appreciate the benefits I have received from yoga both physically and mentally.  Since taking classes at Yoga Om, I have been inspired to make yoga a part of my life.

Pat W

My name is Pat I am a 70 year old female that started yoga a year ago at Yoga OM.
I never did yoga in my life before I came to the Yoga OM studio.  Joy personally helped me learn and encouraged me.
Today I feel like I am 60 years old and have more flexibility than I have had in years.
I am sure I am the oldest student in the class but everyone encourages me and makes me feel welcome.
I would not stop yoga for anything, this studio has changed my life.

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