Saucha Kinda of Day!

Saucha : Cleanliness
Result: If you stay clean, then you will never find yourself in the crowds of the filthy.

In yoga we understand that the body is the temple of the soul and taking time to purify the body and mind is what this Niyama, Saucha, is about.   The body is so important, but equally important is to not get attached to the body or to spend all of your time focusing on it.   Focusing on the body or appearance is prevalent in our society.  Yoga sutra verse II :17 says this best.  “Interwoven in creation, the spirit is beyond destruction.  No one can bring to end the spirit which is everlasting.”

How can you practice this today when you are out of the yoga om and your mat is rolled

  1. Consider committing to a cleanse. Eliminate drugs, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, sugar, dairy and meat.   Try removing one of these, or all of them for a day or week or longer, just see what happens and how you feel.  Starting smaller can make it easier to eliminate and keep these things out of your diet. And removing one at a time will give you the opportunity to see how each of these things affects your system.
  2. Start cleaning your tongue first thing in the morning.  Any health food store in the toothpaste area will have a tongue cleaner.  This is a v-shaped instrument that you scrape your tongue with first thing in the morning before you drink water or brush your teeth.  This allows you to pull all the toxins off of our tongue and freshens your breath.  It’s good for overall oral health.
  3. Take a freezing cold shower—this is called “Ishnaan”.  It will cleanse all of your internal organs and is fantastic for the glandular and circulatory system and skin.  This is another one of my favorite topics—look for more about the benefits of Ishnaan in future posts.
  4. Stop using swear words (oh this is a hard one for me—-I am referred to at as Trista the sailor girl).  Seriously, everything you say continues to be repeated in the universe.  Since I have really tried to stop swearing, I feel better about dealing with my stress in a healthier way and also noticed, for the first time, how much I don’t care to hear other people swear.   I also feel much better as a mother, and role model & teacher, not having my kids hear me speak that way.
  5. Pick up someone else’s trash.  Take loving care of our “mother” earth and keep it clean anyway you can.  Use as many “green” products as possible as they are so much less harmful to the earth and environment.
  6. Eat the trinity root foods everyday.  These are onions, garlic and ginger.  These are excellent for the body to take in.  Stay posted as we’ll be sharing delicious recipes and elaborating on the health benefits in the near future.
  7. Keep your living space as clean and organized as possible.  From an energy and psyche perspective, clutter clogs the mind and can overwhelm the senses.  Create serenity in your life by living in a neat environment.
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