Moon days (Full & New) are holidays
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Why We Don’t Practice on Moon Days
It has always been the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to rest from asana practice on new and full moon days (tithis). When asked why we shouldn’t practice on these days, Guruji was fond of saying, “Two ‘planets’ [grahas] one place, very dangerous.” What is meant by this is that on these days, the sun and the moon are in a line relative to the position of the earth. Consequently, their gravitational forces are all combined, and thus the effect of the ‘plantets’ more pronounced. One definitive effect of this is that the ocean’s tides are higher and lower on these days. When āsana practice is done daily, rest days are important for regeneration; and the extra biweekly ‘moon day’ comes as a welcomed respite.

Lady’s Holiday

Resting from Practice During Menstruation

It is recommended that women take three days of rest – often referred to as “ladies’ holiday” – during their menstrual period for several reasons. The purpose of the menstrual cycle is to prepare the body for pregnancy; when conception does not occur, the thickened lining of the uterus is shed through menstruation. One reason to take rest during the menstrual period is that the downward and eliminating flow during this time may be counteracted by inversions such as sarvangasana and sirsasana. A second, more subtle, reason is that engaging mula bandha may be more difficult and/or may counteract this downward flow. Without engagement of the bandhas, vigorous practice can be physically unsafe. A third, more general, reason is that excessive activity can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle or the cessation of menstruation (amenorrhea). Menstruation may therefore serve as a convenient time to rest as the body begins the next cycle. We recommend that all female students take rest from practice during the first three days of menstruation and then avoid inverted postures until the end of their cycle. As the external and internal practice changes over time, the physical and spiritual importance of taking rest for a particular woman may change as well. If a woman decides to observe ladies’ holiday, she is still very much practicing yoga during this time, as yoga is far more than just asana.

Moon Days -2018


Monday 1st – full

Tuesday 16th – new

Wednesday 31st – full


Thursday 15th- new


Thursday 1st – full

Saturday 17th – new

Saturday 31st – full


Sunday 15th – new

Sunday 29th – full


Monday 14th – new

Tuesday 29th – full


Wednesday 13th – new

Wednesday 27th- full


Thursday 12th – new

Friday 27th- full


Friday 10th  – new

Saturday 25th- full


Sunday 9th – new

Monday 24th – full


Monday 8th – new

Wednesday 24th – full


Wednesday 7th – new

Thursday 22nd – full


Thursday 6th – new

Saturday 22nd – full

Current Phase of the Moon

Current Phase of Moon
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