Massage Policy

Yoga OM Massage Policies and Procedures



Payment is due at time of service. All major credit cards are accepted we do not keep cash and do not accept checks. We do not provide billing for insurance, but will gladly provide you with a receipt if you would like one.


Everything discussed during the session and upcoming ones will be kept confidential except when subpoenaed by a court of law. Client details would not be revealed, unless the client has given written permission to do so. I will not confirm nor disclose the fact that a specific person is my client, unless I have permission and the written consent of the client to do so.

Rules of Ethics

Sexual behavior by the client toward the therapist or by the therapist toward the client is unethical, inappropriate and unacceptable.  Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.  If the therapist’s or client’s safety feels compromised, the session will be stopped immediately.

What to Expect

Please plan on arriving early for us to address your goals for our session. If this is your first massage visiting the Studio please arrive about 20 minutes early so we can discuss your health, your goals and you will also be showed what will be done for your session. The number one concern is for your safety and to make you feel safe and comfortable during our session so it is extremely important that I have thorough knowledge of your health history because some conditions are contraindication for massage. I especially need to know if you may be in your first trimester of pregnancy – I generally wait to work on pregnant clients until they have entered their 2nd trimester. You may dress however you wish, but if you would like to receive a massage following a workout, please shower before your massage. I will show you into the O massage studio, go over your health history and goals for the massage session, and then leave the room to allow you to undress and get onto the table. You should feel free to remove as much or as little of your clothing as you wish. I will be more effective if you are fully undressed, including your undergarment, but your comfort level is most important. Thai massage will require clothing please check with us for more clarification if needed. I work with my clients fully draped, meaning that only the part of your body where I am working at that particular moment will be exposed. Once you are undressed, on the table, and under the sheets and blanket, I will knock to make sure you are ready, come back into the room, and begin the session. I generally work with some sort of soft music playing, but I will gladly change the music or work in silence if you prefer. I will check in with you about pressure, temperature, and general comfort, but please remember that only you can feel what is going on inside your own body, and that you should feel free to tell me if anything is at all painful or uncomfortable. I do my best work when I am quiet and focused, so you can expect me to remain fairly silent during sessions except to check in with you. When your session is over, I will again leave the room to allow you to get dressed.

Appointment Cancellation Policy


Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment.

You may cancel your appointment 24 hour prior to you scheduled time at no cost and cancellation must be clear and confirmed. 

Same day cancellation and if you do not contact us to cancel or do not show up for a schedule appointment, you will be charged the full regular price of the service.

Yoga OM Massage & Spa provides a Great Massage for All Bodies; however, we do make some special considerations for those under the age of 18:
A parent/guardian of any child under 18 must complete and sign permission form prior to the minor receiving either a massage or facial service. The form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a Yoga OM Massage & Spa staff member.


Children ages 8-14

Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while in the Yoga OM Massage & Spa Studio. The parent/guardian must either be seated in the room throughout the entire service session while the minor is receiving his/her service or receiving a service in the same room.  Yoga OM Massage & Spa highly recommends that minors be scheduled with the same gender therapist; however, a parent/guardian may request a female therapist for a male minor by appointment and signed intake form. A female minor may not receive a massage from a male therapist even if the parent requests it.
Again, this form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a Yoga OM Massage & Spa staff member.
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