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Final Questions
Sri K Pattabhi Jois Public Talks on Ashtanga Yoga – France 1991
Question: Is it normal to undergo pains because of practice? Answer: Pain is real. You take practice yes pain is real. All placesblood circulation is very important. One side strong, one side loose.Always any body you take, every body you take, there (is) one side stiff, oneside smooth – (everyone) same. Blood is making that. (pain is caused by restricted blood circulation) Take practice, practice onemonth, 2 months, 3 months, not going without pain. Whole body bloodcirculation. What day is starting completely your blood, purifiedblood, circulation starting, that day complete your pain is gone. Oneposture you do. No pain. That is real. First you suffering pain. Bhagavad Gita is telling. Starting very pain, very difficult, cryingall. Practice more, more, practice, very happy mind, that is sattvamind is making. That is real. Question: How long before the pain is gone? Answer: I don’t know take more time. Dirgha Kala, no time ending (very long time). Gold (ore) inside is dust (dirty/impure). Opening (after breaking openthe ore) you put it (in) fire. That fire is put it. That not is goingthat dirt – dirty, is gold dirty. Pure Gold you want. Pure Gold, onepot, small pot is there. That Gold maker is put it (the gold) there (inthe pot) – after breathing, breathing that is called (bellows) istelling. Bastrika is telling Sanskrit, but I don’t know English name.(the goldsmith puts the gold ore in a pot over the fire and usesbellows to increase the heat of the flame to smelt the gold) Wind, yes complete. After fire complete is coming one level, one leveldegrees (raises the temperature to a certain level). After that gold iscomplete boiling, making water same liquid. After that dirty iscomplete, is gone completely. After pure gold is coming, same, my bodyalso. You take practice, practice, practice, practice. Dirty all dirtycomplete is gone. After your body purified. Pure gold he is making.Without no. (in this analogy, the gold ore is the body, the breath is the bellows, the internal fire is fanned by the breath and “boils” the blood to remove its impurities (the dirt), then the body becomes like pure gold) Bastrika means wind (bellows). Is pushing, pushing, pushing, pushingone level fire. One temperature is coming. That temperature you want.Now is not, temperature is no good. Breathing is no good. Posture is nogood. How can you make then? Question: Serge is asking: Is yoga practice a good possible technique to reach Samadhi? Answer: Yes sure! You reaching Samadhi. There is no doubt. That is whyhe is telling shastra (scripture) is your good nature is correcting (first your character has to be improved) . Shastra istelling. Now is not going good nature, good way. You want good way -who is showing? You can understand? Who is showing that way? There isGod. God is not, is coming here (God is not here). Is not catching you. Hererepresentative (of) that (is the) Guru. Is telling Shankacharya: your body is very fine. It is a good body.Good! After your wife also very good lady very good lady, very finelady. You can understand. Oh! Both very good. After you name isspreading all over the world. Oh! Better. Very good. Name is only forname, famous name. Oh Good. After money. Oh, money! Mehru means one bigmountain. Same your money making. After, your mind is not going yourGuru’s feet. Oh your body very good. After, deathing (you are dying)one day. What can you do? Your wife is deathing (dying). His age isbirth complete you rupa (his life is complete). Is your wife comingwith you? Is your name coming with you? Why? What is the use. That iswhy you put it your mind with your Guru’s feet. Every day pray. Youtake practice. Is given God good nature and good habits. That is real.Do you understand? Question: Which is the angle of the foot of the bent leg doing Janu Sirsasana A, B and C. Answer: Still not touching your navel. Navel is very important.Manipura chakra. That is called manipura chakra. All nervous system iscoming out there – is again- again is going up. (nadis, energy channelssplit at this point) One nervous (nerve) is going up (ascending from Muladhara). Afterdivision is coming (at this point it splits). That is why it is veryimportant place. There is ladies nervous, some nervous insulin; nervousis coming there that is why that disease (diabetes) also is going. Thatplace is very important. Gents and ladies both. That 45˚ you take yourfeet touching complete pressing, without not pressing (in Janu C). 90˚first A, second 75˚. (C) That 45˚ you take practice, your age alsoincreasing. There is no doubt. One shastra is telling. Per day, breathing system is God given 21 600 times, 24 hours, is goinginhalation, exhalation, is making (god has given 21 600 breaths perday). Same you calculate one hundred years man he get it possible (atthis rate of breathing a man can live to 100 years). Man is given onehundred years living. But you take more, you want more? (time) – take! – whyexcess age you want? Good nature. Good work he is doing. One day, alsoyou get it man body. One day also is God looking. Try! That is why Yogamethod you going. You take practice. (long life gives a better chancefor self realization. If the breathing rate slows down, less breaths are used per day and life span increases) Everyday your sense organs you must control. Sense organs you must take control first. All your life only for sense organs (life is lived for the sake of the organs). 10 organs. 5 jnanendriya that issense organs (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). 5 karmendriya (organs of action) means walk, meanstalking and hands, legs, that is all including (speech, use of hands (grasping), use of feet (locomotion), digestion/excretion, procreation). Sense organs nottelling (helping), your mind control. No. You looking that place, don’tlook! You open eye, don’t look! He is telling, these eyes. Open eyes islooking possible. Mind control no. Mind you control only for (via)karmendriya. Karmendriya means them (organs of action)! Go and walk! You run, youtalk! (through controlling organs of action: speech, grasping,locomotion, digestion and sexual drive, you can control the senseorgans too). You can understand. That is why your age sense organs youcontrol. That is important. Sense organs important, you control yourmind. Mind controlling capacity is coming if you take yoga practice.Gradually take practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. Aftersense organs your control is coming. After your age also is going up to150 years also is possible. 200 years also is possible. No doubt, butyou must take it breathing system. 21 600 breathing per day or 24 hoursautomatically is going. Same calculation 100 years you everyday youtake deep breathing (slow breathing). Breathing system is reducing yourage. Age. Breathing is 21 600 times is going, you reduce that breathingsystem, your age increasing. (if you breathe more slowly, you have asurplus of breaths per day which will accumulate and give you longerlife) That is method, that is why you take yoga practice. First one levelbreathing. (even breathing) One level breathing. I telling 10 times, 100times also. They is follow. They is God given good, good nature, goodliving, all very good (even breathing leads to good nature). Thank you very much. This is last day talking.In one week, I will Mouna. (observe silence) Yes! Monday 9/9/01 Guruji after the last lesson at Chateau-Renault. Tomorrow I am leaving – this year. But you all is good student. Incoming student, is going student, you all is good student. No doubt.But this teaching you like or not like, I don’t know. But I teachingthat is all. You like, very happy me. You don’t like, left it, noproblem. You take everyday practice. That is good. Every day takepractice. You half an hour end at least. You no time, you take yourhome practice. You have time, you take with Serge practice. But anyhowyou take everyday practice is good. There is given one temperature yourbody. Temperature is continue (maintain temperature). Don’t leave (lose) it! Weekly once you takerest. That is important. That is why I am telling method. Youfollow that method. Breathing and breathing system (vinyasa) is veryimportant. Posture, breathing system and looking place (drishti). All is veryimportant. That is why, these you follow. These is given by God, Goodhealth and prosperity. Thank you very much. Question: If one has only half an hour for practice, what should he do? Answer: Now, no time. Many work is there. That time, no time. But youincluding half an hour time (if you have half an hour) you spend this way: You take practice.Anyone (always) start (with) Suryanamaskar half posture (half of the postures) you do, no problem. Halfposture means: primary half to Marichyasana D. (next day) Navasana you do aftertake Suryanamaskar (after you have finished surya namaskar you go on straight to navasana and the rest of the postures). Sirsasana and you do your work. No problem (do head stand at work?). Moretime spending take one hour, 2 hours, anyone. That is I telling. Thatis good method, but not leave it. Everyday practice is very good. Thatis energy, energy. They is given yours, everyday your temperaturecontinue (maintain). Temperature means – you know 7:30 you do yoga practice, next24 hours including that one, next 7:30 take practice. That temperatureincluding completely. That is why don’t leave it first. You leave it,again – temperature is gone. Then you making temperature. Temperaturemeans your energy. That is very important. You can understand. That youfollow. That is important. Everyday you do very good practice. Weeklyonce or twice not given benefit yours. That is no good. Every day -every day, means every day continuous, you do every day, continue. Is good benefit is given. Is oneday is doing, another day no. Weekly once or twice, is doing. That isnot given benefit. Only for exercise. That is all. Question: when practicing every day, I feel very tired. Is it all right or something wrong in the practice? Answer: No. Wrong practice. Tired. It is correct practice. It is nottired. Not tired. Only 15 days some tired. After gradually you 2 hoursyou do. No tired. Why? No. No! Your breathing system is not correct.That is tiring. Breathing system you take your hands, after very good.Tired? No tired. 2 hours you do. No tired! That is good. Question: During 9 days practice with you that lady had disturbed sleep, sneezing and blocked nose. Answer: That is no good. Yoga practitioner you take practice: after gradually internal poison iscoming out. That time one 15 days good sleep is not coming. Goodhealth, whole body pain. All is coming. But it is real. After graduallyblood circulation is correct. Your practice is fixing your body, afterno trouble. Take rest, completely, good sleep. No dream also is notcoming. That is real. If you want yoga, real yoga, you take practice. Don’t take another placeyour mind. Don’t be stupid. Take practice, practice, practice,practice. Suspicion is came, you ask any one question, I am telling -no problem. But now you take practice – is very first important. But youtake method, and this everyday I am telling, take method: breathingsystem (viyasa), postures, looking (drishti), all including – you take practice, God (will) givegood health and mind. No problem. Thank you very much.
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