Are you just to busy to get to a yoga class? Try

Sky Yoga

Our 1-on-1 Online Yoga Sessions

Practice Yoga Anywhere with a Live Yoga Instructor, No DVD’s


Sky Yoga has been designed for the busy Yogi that wants to continue their practice

but does not have time to stop by a studio.

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Sky Yoga

Our 1-on-1 Online Yoga Session


Designed for the Yogi on the GO

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Sky Yoga gives you a private One-on-One session to help you improve your yoga practice.

Through regular practice, you’ll enjoy increased flexibility, strength, balance, and tranquility. As you restore your body’s natural alignment, you can release tension, improve your posture, and find relief from chronic pain.
Ready to Begin

“Sky Yoga” is the Yoga OM brand of yoga via an online connection.

Our one-on-one, live, online yoga sessions are a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy routine. Practice, via Skype, with your instructor from any location. During these personalized online yoga sessions you will get a practice that is developed for your particular needs.

These sessions are for beginner and experience yogis alike.

Beginners Sessions:

Our instructors will guide you through the session by first demonstrating then guide you into the correct posture.  Through these 1-on-1 sessions you will be able to improve you practice while in the comfort of your home or office.

Experienced Sessions:

Yoga is not just a thing to do for you, it a part of your life.  Through our sessions you can stay in form and continue to work with your favorite instructor as you continue you journey.  Our instructors will work with you and provide feedback on your practice.  These sessions can be done virtually anywhere you are. At home, your office or in a hotel room.

Yoga OM Family

For our growing Yoga OM family during inclement weather Sky Yoga is available to you (limit: 4 members per session). Our staff will notify you via email or text if the Studio will be closed and if sessions will be held via Sky Yoga.  You must registrar to participate in the sessions.

Booking and Scheduling

Session must be paid for in full before any virtual yoga class are confirmed – no refunds. Payments are to be made through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to check out). Once you completed the application, and your requested schedule has been approved, you will receive an email and further information on how to join the session.


No Show / Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds for Sky Yoga once a session is confirmed.  If you are unable to attend please contact your instructor (included in confirmation email) at least 24 hours prior. If for circumstances beyond our control (i.e. loss of connectivity due an internet outage, power outage or computer failure) every attempt will be made to reestablish the session during the allotted time slot. After the expiration of your requested time frame we will consider the session complete.


What Will I Need?


A 'Sky'-Yoga Appointment


A Yoga Mat

Or a non slip surface


A Good Internet Connection


A Computer with Web Camera, Speakers and Microphone

Speakers (Internal or External)


A Skype Account

Sign up for a free account


Yoga Props

Blocks, Straps, Cushions, Bolsters, Blankets or anything else you like to make you practice more enjoyable.


Train with a professional yoga teacher anytime, anywhere

Personal Attention

A practice designed for you and your needs with instant feedback and verbal adjustments

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